Another show that I had the pleasure of shooting the promo photos, starts its run at Salvage Vanguard Theater, Fridays / Saturdays through April 21st. If you are a fan of Doctor Who, then you should definitely check out a show or two. Tickets are available here. Tip of the hat to Michael Ferstenfeld for the spif poster design!


Spirited 10.08.11

Last weekend I got to see and shoot two Spirited shows. Spirited is a wondrous trip through the dreamlands inspired by the works of Lewis Carroll, Hayao Miyazaki and Maurice Sendak. The show is filled with moments of joy, love, amusement, and terror (Calculus!). It really is a quite unique improv theater experience. It plays for 3 more Saturdays (and 2 more early family friendly Saturday shows) at the Hideout Theatre. Asaf should be proud, this is a beautiful and wondrous baby.

Complete set available here.
A few of my favorite photos from the night:



In a continuing trend of shooting things besides improv, I offer another photo.  This photo is from the dystheatre product of Reducks, David Mamet’s Duck Variations remixed with Peter and the Wolf.   This somewhat odd melding played well, and was a really fun show.  I could have wished for more friendly light, but…



A promotional photograph from the Debutantes & Vagabonds production of Defiant. The photo is one of my favorites from a quick set after the play. In this case I was drawn to the stark lighting and the odd angle, since to me it mirrored the issues the play discussed.