CircX: Run away with the Circus

Last weekend, I had the pleasure to shoot a free public event sponsored by Who Said Vaudeville was dead, and Art Seen Alliance. It ranged from kid’s puppet shows to pole dancers, to a circus. It was a blast. The best part of all was seeing the kid’s faces light up, and feel the palpable joy coming from them. Complete set it available here.


Focusing on the Edge

An exhibit featuring two of my photos starts today and runs through August 5th at the Dragonfly Gallery at Rosedale.

Exhibit Dates: July 7, 2011 – August 5, 2011
Reception: Thursday, July 7, 2011 5:30pm – 8:00pm

Directions and more information available via the Dragonfly webpage.


Ladies Are Funny Fest

I was asked to shoot the 5th Annual Austin Ladies are Funny Festival, sadly I wasn’t able to do the first night of the festival, since I was flying back in from Boston, but I was able to shoot the other 2 nights. Here are a few photographs from the second and third day of the festival. Anyone who thinks only Men can be funny has obviously never ever seen a Woman perform. It was a great group of performers, and I was completely blown away by Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting.

Complete coverage of Day 2/3 is here.


Texas Rollergirls (05.15.11)

A new month, means a new set of TX Rollergirl bouts. This month was special for me, since I got to hear Emily sing the national anthem before the bouts, and she was great! Getting to see the Derby Brats (girls 8-17) skating 2 exhibitions was also a blast. Congrats to both the Hotrod Honeys (still undefeated), and the Hustlers for their wins this weekend.

The complete set is available here.


THAT Damned Variety Show

Who said Vaudeville was dead? A few photos from the May 8th show at the 29th Street Ballroom.
The complete set of photos is available here.


Portable Sun

A late posting for something that now seems like it is far in the past, but I guess that is what a week of business travel, and then a packed schedule over the weekend can make just a week and a half ago seem like. I just finished my second workshop from Raul Touzon, last fall I did his Sharpen your Photo Skills workshop. I certainly hope that I have grown since the workshop, I was certainly less stressed for this one (I know I am my own worst critic now). The previous workshop certainly left impressions on me, I ended up buying an ultra-wide lens after the class, and it also gave me one of my favorite photos, so I was wondering what this workshop would do. This workshop helped reinforce and elaborate on concepts that he pushed previously, but I think the thing I will most appreciate from it, is a sense of I can do that, maybe not the first time, but I can do that. Thanks Raul. A few more images from the class, all are straight out of camera, and use 1-2 flashes.



A snapshot from the road.

Traveling for work has delayed my posting for last weekends Raul Touzon’s Portable Sun workshop. Sadly I had very little chance to do any shooting while I was in Boston, so just a snapshot: Sunrise at 25000 feet.


Why do they always stare?

Walking back from Dart Bowl, an odd staring man was stenciled on the concrete. That alienated stare inspired this… Please click the image to see it full size.



Another iPhone abstract, that sadly is pertinent with the state of Texas currently burning.



After seeing the excellent elderly animal photos by Isa Leshko, which beautifully show the grace, sadness, strength, and determination of our animal companions, I was reminded that I really should take more time to document the three little incredible travelers that share my life. Today a couple of Vlad, the youngest..


The Mash

Tonight was the debut of Emily’s new two person troupe, IHOP Lovecraft. She and Jason Vines performed during Coldtowne’s Monday Night Mash, along with two other troupes – We invented Dinosaurs, and Improvised Robocop. IHOP Lovecraft while somewhat rough around the edges was a fun time seeing the two daemons wander the zoo with the soon to be born child – Charles Bronson (a name of power!). Coldtowne’s lighting always seems so harsh, so I also offer up a picture from the other two troupes where I ended up liking the shadow.


Deconstructing Spring

Trying something different for the spring flower photos from the iphone, please click the image to see full size.