Do Not forget the icy days now that Spring is here.

Just a small reminder of the colder days, well colder days for Austin.


Institution House Teams (03.13.11)

Later than expected…

The Institution Theater is proud to present a showcase of our latest batch of talent. Come see and support the Institution’s rising stars as they break new comedic improvisational ground!

HYPERLINKS an internet-inspired improvisation where the audience controls the editing. Featuring Tom Booker, Emily Breedlove, Adam Gutierrez, Andy Hush, Ashley Lowe, Taylor Overstreet, Joe Ricks, and Neal Tibrewala

THE MOVIE which provides an improvised cinematic experience complete with imagined transitions and special effects by the players Tyler Booker, Drew Burton, Heidi Caldwell, Kathy Rose Center, and Asaf Ronen

CHURCH POTLUCK! a high-octane, low-scruples montage presented by John Buseman, Madeline Chauvin, Christine Giordano, Ted Meredith, and Ryan Thomas. Not for the faint of heart.

More Information about Institution Theater.
Complete Set is available here.



Texas Rollergirls (March 27, 2011)

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Some of the highlights from the Texas Rollergirls Match on March 27th.

Hell Marys vs. Honky Tonk Heartbreakers, and Hustlers vs. Hotrod Honeys
The complete set is available here.

Some photos from the season opening mini round-robin tournament are available here.


HonkTX 2011 Day 3

Some highlights from the third day of the Inaugural HonkTX Street Marching Band Festival.

Full gallery located here.

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HonkTX 2011 Day 2

Some highlights from the second day of the Inaugural HonkTX Street Marching Band Festival.

Complete photo set available here.

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HonkTX 2011 Day 1

Some highlights from the first day of the Inaugural HonkTX Street Marching Band Festival.

Complete photo set available here

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In a continuing trend of shooting things besides improv, I offer another photo.  This photo is from the dystheatre product of Reducks, David Mamet’s Duck Variations remixed with Peter and the Wolf.   This somewhat odd melding played well, and was a really fun show.  I could have wished for more friendly light, but…



A promotional photograph from the Debutantes & Vagabonds production of Defiant. The photo is one of my favorites from a quick set after the play. In this case I was drawn to the stark lighting and the odd angle, since to me it mirrored the issues the play discussed.





Chairs sitting on a patio, obviously disused, always strike a strange sense of melancholy in me.   An image from my archives that still draws my eye every time I see it.